Our Story

Sustainability shouldn’t be a difficult and limiting task. This label was created to give people a variety when choosing sustainable products at affordable prices. Our products are accessible and make living a sustainable lifestyle easy and beautiful! See our sustainability tab to find out what we do to be kinder towards environment and people



An important part of a sustainable brand is the ethical side of it. People want to know where their clothes come from, who made it, if they get paid fairly and if the working conditions are good. The small team consists of Tayla the creator behind the brand, Tshiamo our intern and Hazel our seamstress. All our garments are made in our small studio by Hazel, this helps us have full control over the quality of each product. Quality is a very important aspect when it comes to sustainability, we need to ensure that your products last a very long time.



Tayla Nguskos - Designer

I studied fashion design in Port Elizabeth and have been working the industry since 2016. I've always had the idea that natural and recycled fabrics can be used to create any type of garment out there today, so why isn't it happening? Want an eco-friendly wedding dress? Message me! This label is very close my heart and I started it with the aim to show people that choosing sustainability doesn't have to be expensive with limited options.


Hazel Njozela - Seamstress 

My interest in sewing started when I was about 10 years old. My mother is a seamstress, which sparked my initial interest in sewing. I was then able to use my grans old sewing machine along with some extra pieces of fabric from my moms work to do some sewing for myself. Since finishing school I’ve worked for some well know factories and designers, I briefly started my own label and then moved on to making evening wear for private clients to not lose touch of my creative side. This has all given me the great amount of experience in sewing that I have today! Now I am using my knowledge of sewing and my creativity to make garments for Taeve Africa